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How about Cleveland? I am reading the book and loving it. Plus it's Kal Penn- I loved H&K! Your W magazine article is gorgeous too!


Hey Kal!!

You really should come watch it in Dallas tomorrow... I mean, you're like practically next door! You said you're not allowed to leave during the week, but tomorrow's Friday - technically the weekEND. (LOL!!)

Anyway, I've been looking forward to this movie for a LONG time. I got the book, read it and I'm eagerly waiting for the movie to release in Dallas. From what I've heard (and read), you do an EXCELLENT job in this movie! Just goes to show that you're not just Kumar or Taj, you're a true actor!

I can't wait to see the movie!

Brandon Blatcher


We're a weeklky arts & entertainment newspaper in Savannah, GA. We're looking to do a cover story about The Namesake, but can not find it high resolution images to go on the cover.

Who can I contact to get such images? The Fox Searchlight site had no such photos (stuff large enough to be in print) or contact info.

My name is Brandon Blatcher and I can be reached at 912-721-4379


Any idea when/if the movie is going to play in Austin TX?



its basically the story of my life--kind of

Please bring it to PITTSBURGH, PA!!!


I went to an advance screening of The Namesake in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago, and it was the first movie I've seen in years that got a standing ovation at the end! I'm always nervous about adaptations of books that I have a special connection to, but I really liked how the movie was able to add even more depth to Ashima and Ashoke's relationship than Lahiri showed in the book. I have to say though Kal, after reading the book and seeing the film, I have to disagree with your denial of an "ethnocentric identity struggle" on Gogol's part - are you suggesting that this would really be the same story if Gogol was Anglo-American? While the issue of Gogol's name is certainly made more relevant in the book than in the movie (simply because of the narrative contraints of film in the absence of clichéd voiceovers), I think it's unrealistic to suggest that his ethnicity doesn't play into it at all, especially when one looks at Gogol's relationship with Max and his reluctance to bring her into his family life.
That said, I thought The Namesake was a beautifully-made film, ethnocentric identity struggle or not - congratulations to all on a job very well done.


From "Dude, Where's the Party?" to "The Namesake," Kal has come a long way... who would've thought it? After seeing "The Namesake" last night, I am kind of left in awe as to how far Kal has progressed in his acting career. Of course it'll always be nice to see him play the funny, chill, stoner-type in most of his other films; but "The Namesake" truly showed Kal's versatility in acting. "The Namesake" was a powerful movie. I laughed; I cried; I truly felt for all of the characters. I hope Kal is proud of this movie (which I am sure he is proud of all of his movies). I know that we, his fans, are extremely proud of his accomplishments and can only hope for more to come!

Now, perhaps instead of being known widely as 'the guy who played Kumar in that White Castle movie,' Kal can be known as himself?




Hi Kal,

First off, congratulations on all your success - it's great to see an Indo-American actor doing so well.

After falling in love with The Namesake when I read it a few years ago, I was anticipating the movie with a sense of nervous excitement. Since it's so common for movies adapted from novels to be such a let-down, I was anxious to see how one of my very favorite novels would translate on-screen. After seeing it last night in Toronto, I just had to write you to tell you what an impact this film had on me. It was beautifully touching, and I thought your performance was incredible.

Being Bengali myself, I really connected with this story and I feel that you breathed life into the Gogol character and for that, I commend you. Thank you for making my love of this novel continue with the film...


Saw the movie last night at River Oaks theater in Houston with another Bengali friend. Great job, Kal! Both my friend and I totally wanted to call our parents after watching the movie.


I have read all of Jhumpa Lahiri's books and I am a huge fan of The Namesake. Everyone, especially the Indian community, is waiting anxiously for the movie to come to Pittsburgh,PA!


this movie is really good, looks like as if it is happening in front of my eyes. very close to realty, little bit less entertainment is there. there is also a same line story movie released recently Namaste London, it has really good entertainer.


I enjoyed this movie so much! My boyfriend is Indian I am not; we were able to relate on so many levels. Especially my boyfriend... we were taken back because Gohgol's life was like was almost exactly like his for the 1st half of the film. I just think that this movie was amazing...


Hi Kal

I watched it this afternoon. Congratulations to all of you. Splendid, splendid all the way.

The book is very close to my heart and the movie did complete justice to the book.
Well done. All the best.
Cheers :)


Kal, Congratulations on getting the main actor's part for this amazing movie. I really enjoy watching all of Mira Nair's realistic life touching films. I see that this film is aired in other 'major' USA states and Canadian Provinces. Can you pleazzzzzz let the Public Relations folks and film sponsors know that the ATL, GA is ready for this film to come to the South!!! If it is here already, which theatre!!

Nancy L

Saw this beautiful and very touching film this weekend. I was very moved by the relationship between Ashima & Ashoke, their love for one another and their children. Although I am not Bengali (or Indian for that matter), I was able to relate to this film on many levels; as the parent of children ages 16 through 25, as a once-upon-a-time college student and as the second generation child of a family which immigrated to the US.
Acting, directing, cinematography were very moving.
Good job. Thank you for the gift of this fine film.


kal. congrats on what i'm sure is a job well done-- perhaps i'll be able to write something more enthusiastic when it comes to atlanta? cant wait!


Tabu was excellent. Irrfan Khan not too shabby. Kal, you sucked. Sorry dude, you are not in their league. Not even close. They make you look ... to put it mildly, very ordinary! Mira Nair and Jhumpa Lahiri rock. Extraordinary film, novel and actors. They carried you. Thank your stars. You just peaked. It's all downhill from here.

Just kidding!!! You did good too. You rose to the occasion. You held your own. Stop doing that other crap and keep acting will ya!

Penn student

Very excited to know that you will be teaching at UPENN next spring!! There couldn't be anyone better than you to teach those classes. Hope all goes according to plan and I look forward to being a student in your class!


When will this movie come to Carmike Theaters in Bloomington-Normal, IL.? The book is my all time favorite novel.


When will this movie come to Carmike Theaters in Bloomington-Normal, IL.? The book is my all time favorite novel.

Riddle Me This

Hey Kal -- is your name pronounced such that it rhymes with "Pal" or "Daal"?

Can't wait to see the movie!


For everyone in Austin, TX, it'll begin playing this Friday (hooray!)at the Regal Arbor Cinemas. Check Fandango for times.


Havnt seen the movie, but yes, seen a couple of your previous movies-- good comedy stuff....

Anyhow -- i consider 99.99 % of the movies i see, BULLSHIT... but i like documentary and real type films... so waiting to see it tommrow....

If you get time, check my URL link for good stories... cheers!


Just wanted to say that the movie was awesome man. Kudos to you and everyone else who worked on it.


can't wait to see the film

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