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Thanks for the updates Kal--great to hear from you! Looking forward to this movie making it to the metro Atlanta area. =)


Still no Minnesota?! Argh! Kal should have a talk with the people who have power and persuade them to bring this movie to MN! It was successful in the 6 theaters it opened in ($250,000)! Come on!

PS: Congrats on the success of the film!



Kal, please let us know if there are will be any upcoming showings in Hawaii. I've been waiting to see this movie since I read the novel! I wish I had been able to attend your talk at the Academy for Creative Media at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I hope it went well!


Great movie, bro. I'm spreading the word thru my web-mag.


Hi Kal, I was at the City Angelika in NYC on saturday march 10th for the 12:15 am show, it was really nice of you to come and talk to the audience before the show..the movie was definitely worth the wait and you being there made the expereince even more worthwhile :)

pershank bamarni

I read the book and loved it. I am hoping the movie will be showing sometime soon in Nashville, Tn. Its killing me that its out, but nowhere near me.


I am already getting a group together to see it this weekend in Evanston. Can't wait!


Kal, can you please send info about movie release in San Jose? I can't wait to watch this movie!


When is the movie coming to Dallas!!! I can't wait that long.....


as far as minnesota goes, its opening at the lagoon on the 23rd.


Hey I just wanted to say that I saw this movie here at the Mayan in Denver,Colorado tonight and I was really impressed. I had never read the book and was just invited to this movie by a friend. It was incredibly touching. I was crying halfway through and I know that much of the rest of the crowd was sniffling around me as well (bring tissues!). The acting was superb throughout. I was actually disappointed when the movie ended because I wanted to continue to follow the family. The crazy thing was, you could consider this a sad movie in a lot of regards, but I actually left feeling content and uplifted at the same time. Amazing.


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Hey..im from spore. i caught Namesake already n i tot it was great! gd job. =D


Hi Kal,

Got a chance to see the movie last friday night. What a beautiful film, I have mentioned it to everyone I work with as a must see! Someone just gave me the book today, can't wait to read it. Good Luck, glad to see it is opening in a bigger theater in NYC too!


when does this movie come to wahsington Dc?



when does this movie come to Atlanta,GA?

Sam Basu

Come on, don't forget your "Where's the Party, yaar?" folks in Houston, TX.

When is it coming to Houston, Yaar?


Houston, please?! I've been waiting for this movie forever!


Kansas City, MO please. Loved the book, great fan of you Kal, cmon people..


Please bring it to the south!


When will it come to Connecticut? Love your work.




Any idea about release in Pittsburgh PA


I second Donna,Amisup and Shalini's comments - Atlanta, GA please!!


So, will it ever make it to Gainesville, Fl?

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