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Hey Kal,
You look hot in the trailer. But joking aside, I want to go to the premier. Just finished the book and found out there was a movie---PLEASANT surprise. Where do I get tix or is this some red carpet bash etc?



I'm still crossing my fingers and waiting for Chicago release information.

Amrita Rajagopal

Finally!! I've been dying to see the movie. Kal - here's a good article on you which showed up in amNewYork this morning: http://www.amny.com/entertainment/am-kal0305,0,5990146.story


Sav Banerjee

Hey, We're really excited about the San Francisco premiere this Wednesday. The rsvp.foxsearchlight website says seating is based on first come firest seated basis. But, I also tried to rsvp, and it wouldn't accept. Any suggestions? I read the book right after it was published and have been waiting for the movie ever since.


please bring the film to seattle SOON!!!

Neha C

Hi Kal,

Congratulations! The premiere is this Friday, March 9, in Toronto! Since I saw the trailer, I've held off reading the book until after I watch the movie. My msn nickname has been The Namesake since October and I made 30 of my friends watch the trailer (although I thought it was to be released earlier). I'm going to set up a Facebook group today to tell everyone else about this movie. I just know that it will live up to the hype.

Good luck, it is great to see you playing a variety of roles and really show what you are made of. It's amazing to watch Tabu, who is such a great actress.

You have a lot of support in Toronto!

Take care,

- Neha


Hey Kal,

I have watched couple of your films (American Desi & Harold & Kumar) and felt that you have great comic timing. I recently saw you on 24 and were awesome playing a serious character.
I am hoping I can catch Namesake.

All the best,


I have read the book. can't wait to see the namesake. i saw you appear on a recent episode of law and order. will you be appearing on any tv shows? do you have any more films in the pipeline? when is the sequel to harold and kumar being shot in shreveport?



Hi Kal,

HAve seen your Harold & Kumar...Liked it. Hope I will be able to catch The Namesake. We are settled here in Kuwait. Any idea when this movie is being released in India & Middle East.


when will Namesake release in Atlanta?


Hey Kal,

I can't wait to see the film. I really love the book! It captures the life of an immigrant family so well, and I haven't read anything like it. Can't wait for the H&K sequel as well!


Hi Kal,

When is the red carpet premier of The Namesake going to be held in London?


Hey Kal,

I'm so bummed that "The Namesake" isn't opening in all theaters right away. I live in Baton Rouge, LA and I can't wait to see it. By the way, what was it like working with Tabu? She's one of my favorite actresses! Oh, and your comedic timing is fantastic! Keep it up!



I've been waiting for The Namesake for SO LONG! After all this build-up and anticipation, I find out it's not even coming out where I live! What the eff? Bring The Namesake to Minneapolis! I'll tell everyone I know in those other states to go see it so it'll roll around to Minnesota.

Good luck and congratulations. This movie looks like a real winner.



THANK YOU sooo much for that peice of information....i've been trying to find out when and where I'd be able to see The Namesake. It really is a shame it's not opening in theaters everywhere. The good thing is that I'm able to see it when it opens and that's really all that matters :). I love the book and I'm sure the movie will be a treat.

BTW, I thought you were hilarious in H&K...look forward to the sequel.


I have been waiting for this movie forever. I hope it gets picked up and gets to the Kansas City area. I have high hopes for this one.

Bhawna Johar

Bring this movie to Washington, D.C. - I'm dying to see it!!! What can we do to make that happen?


Hey Kalpen,

I was able to attend a screening today (Wed,3/7) at the AMC Lincoln Square in NYC, part of the Museum of Moving Image series. There was a scheduled discussion with Mira afterwards, and she brought along 2 surprises: Tabu & Irrfan. It was a great discussion and wonderful to see Ashoke & Ashima live in person, especially since they are nothing like the 2 Bengali parents they play on film! It really drove home what great artists those two really are in terms of transforming! Mira had said you weren't able to attend b/c of your work schedule in Louisiana....you were missed! It was a great movie and Mira's vision and interpretation of the book translated very well onto the screen. Visually, the movie was wonderful, very different from the chaotic, colorful world of Monsoon Wedding. I loved the still photographic imagery that she showed us. The quiet love that intensely bloomed between Ashoke & Ashima, and the subsequent loss of Ashoke felt by the family was so powerful! Kudos to you for being able to be part of such a wonderful project!


Don't forget about us in New Orleans too!! There are a bunch of us waiting with bated breath since we read the book. Thanks!


I cant wait to see this movie. My ex-girlfriend told me about it who happened to be white and not desi. She wanted to go see it with me but things didn't work out the way i planned and we went our own way. I still want to see this move either way and i cant wait for harold and kumar 2.

Thanks, Waseem


Hey Kal,

Keep up the great work. It'll be tough getting used to seeing you in a dramatic non-comedy, but I think your stint in 24 prepared me well enough for it. Looking forward to seeing "Namesake," it definitely looks good and I'll catch it here in L.A.

- Patrick

Annu Kristipati

Just got back from the screening at UCLA. OUTSTANDING job -- the acting, the cinematography, the editing, the soundtrack...phenomenal all around. I really enjoyed it.

Great job -- from one Bruin to another!



Kal- I'm so glad your attached to this film. I literally just finished reading the book and think it's such an important story to tell. The movie trailer looks absolutely tempting. Great job and I'm also happy it's directed by Mira Nair (she's brilliant!).


Hey Kal - any word on international releases? Switzerland's nice this time of the year :)


I've got tickets for the 7:30 showing at The Paris. Can't wait!

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