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I saw the movie on Wednesday night at the AMMI screening. I thought it was lovely and touching. The cinematography was gorgeous, and the acting was sincere - you all did a wonderful job. One of the people in the audience was an older Bengali man whose daughter had forced him to read The Namesake. He teared up as he thanked Mira for filming 'his story'. It looks like you've gotten great reviews from everyone - hopefully other people (not just Indians) see it as their story too.


Kal - This is a good movie! But your nose looks HUGE in it! lol. Think I'm being an ass? Go check it out for yourself. His nose just looks so big. It's crazy.


When (or is) this movie releasing in the Chicagoland area? I have been wanting to see it for the longest time, and I found out today that it has not been released here.


I saw it in NY tonight at the Paris... I have to say that is one the longest lines I have ever seen at a New York theatre.

And the Nikhil/Gogol Credits lines... very nice.


I loved the book and can only imagine how great the film will be. I am dying to see it. When will it open in theatres in Montreal??


hey Kal, great movie, awesome performances - I loved Tabu, she was brilliant... Ofcourse, Irfan and you did a fabulous job as well...

Good Luck with Harold & Kumar...


do you know when it is goin to be release in st.louis, mo area? i would love to watch it.


RE: Veena

It's ironic that Mr. Penn chose to strike out the KKK members from enjoying his film yet...a fellow Indian is probably the harsher critic :(

You never know what you'll find in someone...

RE: Kal - This is a good movie! But your nose looks HUGE in it! lol. Think I'm being an ass? Go check it out for yourself. His nose just looks so big. It's crazy.



I have been waiting for this movie forEVER and I was afraid that my expectations were too high...BUT you all did an amazing job. I literally have never cried so much in a movie in my entire life. Seeing the desi experience on film in such a realistic way was a real treat. Thanks.


Trailer looks cool.


I tried to see the movie last night, but it was completely sold out. So I got to see it this morning. It's so rare that a movie really does a book justice, and I was glad to see that this was one of those rarities. Wonderful, wonderful theater experience. Thank you for your work!


I saw the film in New York-and let me tell you, it was excellent. Not a dry eye in the house and the theater was packed with every possible race, ethnicity and age of people. You did an excellent job Kal and my friends and I were discussing how you were the perfect person for the role. You really captured the Indian-American experience. Tabu and Irfan Khan were excellent as well.

This group of Gujarati Indian-Americans was proud to see you up there!! (Let us know if you ever want a home cooked meal in NYC :-) We'd be more than happy to make it! )


I'm a recovering English major-turned manager of professional opera singers. I drug two friends (neither had read the book or heard of the movie) to the Paris last night. A previous poster was correct. It was PACKED at the 7:30 show. And the 9-something show as we were leaving looked to be the same...and with good reason.

I am so thrilled to have experienced the film that remained so true to the spirit of Mira Nair's book (arguably a novel that will put the genre of immigrant literature on the map). And the film was truly an ensemble piece (Kal, you and your colleagues should be very, very proud), a beautiful realization of the novel that was stunningly shot.

And it was a treat to have Mira Nair and Jumpa Lahiri at the theatre with us. I wish that you could have been there as well to experience the crowd's response.

Congratulations again!


Is there one man of color in this industry who does not feel he needs a dyed blond at his side to be successful? This trailer appears to depict an Indian man in a most commercial state - latching on to a caucasian female to gain recognition. I haven't previewed the trailer or anything else. Just a first impression! I understand he's trying to break out of the White Castle stoner stereotype, but, oh, not another one! Interesting he feels he must be paired with a person "not of color" to be taken seriously. Self hatred is worse than racism.


Hey Kal,

Saw the movie last night. Very touching and I enjoyed it a lot even though me and my boyfriend had to stand in line outside with like a thousand people waiting for them to let us in in one theatre but hey thats a good sign, right? =)

Keep it up. More power to you.



Hi, I waited so long for the movie and now I find it hasn't released in the city I live in (Phoenix, AZ). Do you know when it is expected to release here?


when is it coming to boston??????


Absolutely thrilled, and affected by the Movie's intent and visuals. I was so touched by this movie and each characters' performance.

I am in love with this film. Loved Loved Loved it!

The Santa Monica playhouse was Packed!


I saw the film in the village at Angelika, it was packed in the middle of the afternoon with the first lovely spring likeday in Manhattan in a month. All kind of people were in audience. My friend from Turkey and myself from France both cried as this immigrant story goes beyond even the Indian experience but can touch all those who have experience the dichotomy of the traditional roots versus the adaptation to the way of life offered in the the US. My friend from Pakistan meet me after the movie and is going back to see it tomorrow. Herself in the same situation with her parents who immigrated to this country and her boyfriend is a Pakistani born in Long Island who related perfectly with his own family.

All the actors are doing a great job but I found Tabu particularly amazing in her performance. Mira Nair did a beautiful work of art. Thank you. I will buy the movie when it comes out on dvd.

I am raising my children in Montclair, NJ, I guess they will relate more to Kal role in this movie.

Salacious Samosa

Well I'm tuning in from Toronto. Packed! Unbelieveable how many people there were there. Anyway, I cried for 2 hours. To put it concisely: I was moved. Touched a lot of nerves. I heard the people beside me sniffing too...

Thanks is all I can say, we need more movies like this rather than the standard exotisized and typecast Desis stories. This is a real story..although a few things were questionable no one is perfect, as is no movie. Love it Kal. Thanks man, you're a rockin' cool actor. I'd totally go out on a date with you.


May the force be with you,

Robert William

Hi, Kal:

I am originally from India and am the Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs and International Education at Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC), Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

I would like to invite you to make an appearance at a major festival I am organizing for April 28 called GLOBALFEST 2007! We have about 9 different ethnic dance performances and a martial arts demonstration. The festival is from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to be followed by a Salsa Dance Party from 7:30 to midnight!

CAN YOU COME? We have about 2000 Asian Indians in Central Pennsylvania and your movie will be hitting the theatres around early April.

Check out our promo for GLOBALFEST 2007 at:


Let me know. You can reach me at 717-780-3276 or by e-mail at rcwillia@hacc.edu.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Robert William


We saw it Thursday in Los Angeles at the preview. Awesome! We loved it, and we've all been thinking about the movie and talking about the many delightful moments. There's also some cool connections to be made. I will definately see this movie again and will be talking it up to my friends. The Namesake was so densely packed with significance that other movies are going to seem a bit watered down.


Hi Kal-

I think you are awesome, first off. "Harold and Kumar" is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I can't wait for the second. I know you and John Cho will rock hard and I'm so glad to finally see Asian Americans in the business. Every time I see an Asian person make it into a movie, small part or large, a piece of my heart lights up.

I went to NINE different theaters today in New York City to try and find your movie. My friend and I drove all the way to New York from Jersey and we expected to see it at the AMC on 42nd. I couldn't find it anywhere! Right now, hours later, I'm still sitting in disbelief that I couldn't find it after hours of searching. It makes me sad and disappointed that the movie isn't being more widely distributed. Jhumpa Lahiri's book is AMAZING, you're AMAZING, and Mira Nair is AMAZING, so how could it be that it's only being distributed in TWO theaters on an opening weekend in New York?

I'll definitely see it soon at some point this week. Can't wait! And I'm going to the event with Mira Nair and Jhumpa Lahiri tomorrow at Barnes and Nobles. I know that you are filming right now for the sequel of "Harold and Kumar", so I just wanted so say good luck with that! I'm a huge fan of you and John Cho! Tell him I can't wait for West 32nd!

Take care and much love and good vibes,
from Jersey!


PS: I noticed that one of the comments up there criticized the fact that you dated a white girl in the movie. I feel like some people have totally misinterpreted the movie from a simple trailer, or more than that, there are certain people who will make superficial judgments without seeing a trailer, a movie, or reading the book. I wish people would think more deeply about why Gogol is with a white woman. The book was written before the movie, first off, and there are reasons why Jhumpa Lahiri probably added that relationship. I think more than the question of race, it is about Gogol's struggle with his identity, his place, and his inability to feel free in a lot of ways. I think he likes Maxine not because she is white but because her family is different from his. Perhaps more comfortable with their place in America, or life in general. Yes, race is a factor, but it is not the main focal point of the movie. I think a lot of 2nd generation immigrants feel the desire to be free and the confusion that ensues from trying to understand their parents and understand living in America simultaneously, at the same time. More than a skin color thing, it's more about a cultural difference. More than self hatred, it is a difficulty in living in that hyphenated space.

I don't really know what I'm trying to get at exactly but I think the story is more than just a whole thing on race issues. I think what makes it so beautiful is that it is a story about family and the connections that bind us together. Lahiri's writing was phenomenal. I'm a Korean American woman but even I was able to relate to it because she made it personal, in a way where it could be felt universally, and I am sure that Mira Nair approached this work in the same way. I haven't seen it but from judging Mira Nair's work in the past, ie: films such as "Monsoon Wedding," I know that this movie doesn't focus on Indian-White race conflicts solely. I can tell that it is more about the little moments, tragic and joyful that make up a human life, and exploring how tragedy can be brought to art in a beautiful way. I think the question of race is really just background music, if anything. At least, that is my speculation. Of course, I have yet to see the movie!

PS: Kal, your nose is beautiful! Don't listen to Veena! :P


Hi Kal,

I just saw the Sydney premiere. Good job! To me the film was about people & family, with identity/immigration issues as a backdrop. It was refreshing to see accurate character portrayals across the board.

Looking forward to H&K PartII!


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