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So...you hang out with the Klan for fun? That's a bit unusual.

I saw the trailer for the namesake months ago on apple trailers, and it intrigued me. So I bought the book and I finished it last night, and I have to say I'm pretty excited to see the movie. I wonder if I'll be able to seperate Gogol from Kumar.

So do you actually write on this blog or read these comments?

Peace out homeslice.

Serena Raheja


I have no idea if you actually read these comments etc - but I wasn't exactly sure what the best way to get a message to you would be. I'm finishing my degree at Northwestern University with a thesis on the unique consciousness of second generation immigrants and I'd really like to speak to you. I was browsing the blog a bit, and I realize that you probably get pretty tired of being heralded (no pun intended) for your ethnicity rather than your acting career - so I'm sorry if I'm piling on the bandwagon with my request. Anyway, if you get a second, I'd really appreciate the chance to interview you, either via email or phone etc (s-raheja@northwestern.edu). For what it's worth - I'm a big fan and am really excited by all the positive reviews you've gotten for your work in the Namesake. I can't wait to see the movie.

Best of luck!


you're kidding right - appearing online with two friends (fools) dressed in kkk outfits? you're one stupid ass mother f*cker, remember when prince harry dressed up in a nazi outfit? right, we get that it's a joke (and...making light of the lynching of countless minorities is always good for a laugh), but you're a talented actor and dont want to have to apologize for retarded decisions. like..umm..this one. you'll thank me for taking this down later. dumb sh*t.

Macc Niemann

You should lighten up "dumbass"...obviously the idea is to make the KKK look even "dumber" than they already appear. Kal is a very talented actor and respectable human being...that being said, i'm sure he meant no disrespect. And relating an actors "antics" to those of a Prince...c'mon now. I'm one of the so called "fools" in this clip and I think it is hilarious and is not offensive in any way.


Um that is pretty offensive. I am not going to even look at the video.

Yeah ha ha Klansmen! Some people ACTUALLY had experiences with them you know!

Simply Disgusted

As an African American woman I find it absolutely offensive that you would chose to make light of the KKK and what they mean in American society, simply for laughs. If you and your "friends" took the time to understand not only what they symbolize but what they have done to men, women, and children, I can't imagine you would have gone forward with this. I was so excited to look into this movie for my book club as we were all planning on attending a showing in March. Not to mention that we've been strong supporter's of Jhumpa's work. Rest assured I'll be reaching out to Fox Searchlight, Jhumpa, and Mira to share my disgust over this insensate act now affiliated with the film. This is despicable. Keep in mind that you are a direct beneficiary of the trials and triumphs of those people terrorized by the Klan. What a way to let them know that their suffering was in vain!

Mary M.

Words, symbols and people only have the power given to them. I see this as taking that power away.

But what do I know, I'm only white.


I don't think Kal was trying to offend anyone in the picture. I don't speak for him but I really don't think he meant any harm.

He looks like he would be the last person in the world to belittle anyone hurt/killed by the KKK or douchebag racists/sexists/a$$hole Nazis in general.

Instead of complaining about Kal (and others) I would direct my efforts to helping organizations like the Simon Wiesanthal Center, Southern Poverty Law Center, any children's charity, etc. These and other organizations try to eliminate racism, promote unity and justice for all human beings, etc.

Kal is NOT the bad guy!

Shyamolika Dube

Hmm...well first of all the movie, I loved the book, well I should have or I'm a no good Bengali girl. I'm going to go see the free screening for the movie in hollywood, because I am Indian and cheap. Furthermore, do people actually take offense to the whole KKK thing? I think it's fun to make fun of them, right on Kal.


well, the "Klan" is actually from Harold and Humar 2, which he is filming right now. One of those guys is Richard Christy from the Howard Stern show. It's a joke.


Actually its not Richard Christy, he tells you in his blog who it is. They are simply two "background artists a.k.a. extras" that he chose to help him make the clip. I was one of the extras lucky enough to be able to "work"(haha) with Kal on this. Only regret I didnt have enough time to come up with some better lines(only had 2 min to prepare). Anyways, everyone needs to go check out "The Namesake". It will be one of the best you see this year.



Even though I was skittish at first, I ventured a peek at this clip and found it cute and funny. Maybe, it was just the cold weather, but I particularly enjoyed the clever use of gloves on the second Klanner. For a moment, I thought he was a black man with a hideous Southern accent and actually laughed out loud. I don't want to insult anyone with my sense of humor, but I am a black man who grew up in the South in the 1950s. I was among the first students in my city to desegregate the school system. More than once, my family publicly confronted the Klan. The point of this disclosure is to remind us that losing our sense of humor is a dangerous thing. Even when humor 'makes light' of dark days.


It really wasn't that offensive, people. As the other user stated, all it's doing is making the KKK look even more dumb. Lighten up.. movie looks great btw!


Whats with the KKK man come on. Just because you are Indian doesn't mean you have to act white. WTF?


As someone who's grandparents had a cross burned in their front yard I have to say that this could have been funnier, but as it was I still smiled. Are the people who are offended by this also offended by Dr. Strangelove? Or by The Great Dictator? If we do not expose those who hate blindly for their ridiculousness then we give them too much credit. In giving the KKK respect you take away from their victims. KKK and groups like them need their insanity exposed and what better way to do it than with a laugh?

Mario Santarelli

That has to be the funniest photo I have ever seen in my life!!! A photo op with the KKK!!! Brilliant!!

Michael Luo

I'm a gay guy and I think it's hysterical. BTW, the germans are now insisting the KKK was the model for their Nazis. Why won't europeans take resposibility for their own actions and to what extent does America actually pepertuate such nonsence?


Hi Kal,

congrats on the movie's success, can't wait to see it...but anyway was a litle disappointed to know that eventhough you are a UCLA Bruin, you haven't been to the w'wood area lately!!! even after the premiers...!

...do drop by.

the UCHA coop
500 landfair

Serena Raheja

Just wanted to clarify something - the comment posting feature isn't working correctly .... the comment I posted is showing up as being posted by "Donna" whereas the blog makes it seem as though I posted the really abrasive comment below that ...

Serena Raheja

Shyamolika Dube

Umm...I didn't post that thing about the Klan or Richard Christy..someone is using my name I suppose? Well it is a cool name... I am sort of weirded out though, I thought there was only one Shyamolika Dube in this world. On a side note..I loved your performance in the Namesake, you and Irfaan Kahn were the best.

Shyamolika Dube

oh nevermind, I'm stupid...I get this system now




I think it is sad that the devil has a foothold on anyone with hate in ther heart. A wolf in sheeps clothing. My pray is that they wake up before they meet Jesus.


I found the kkk thing really funny, you have to remember that its all acting and kal is just trying to intertain us :), no body should get offended


Forgive that beside You was little ed!
Forgive that beside You was little ed!

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