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Wow. That place is packed. I wonder if you get more nervous (if you even get nervous) than usual because they're just a bunch of bystanders and not actual extras. It's as if they can do anything unexpectedly.


Hey Kal,

I am really excited to see this movie coming up. I am glad that you are playing gogol. (google? :) ) Have you read Jhumpa Lahiri's first book. Its just as good or even better than namesake. Have you had a chance to meet her? What is she like.


Damn, now thats a lot of people! At least you get to work with some fine indian princesses! :) Keep up the good work, and keep tokin.


Off-topic, but a good music suggestion is Cree Summer's "Street Faerie." Cree played Freddie on "A Different World" and does a gazillion voiceovers now. Her music, which she collaborated with Lenny Kravitz on, is good stuff.

On-topic, thanks for the pictures. Pushes me more to definitely take a trip to India myself one day.


Every so often, you get a scene or a song in a Bollywood movie shot on location, (I remember one with Karishma Kapoor and someone else)... and the actors are surrounded by thousands of bystanders standing there and watching. (Not extras... bystanders) They're just impossible to keep out of the shot...

Obviously these thousands of people can't show up ogling in the frame in a film like this... but seriously, Kal... how'd you guys find a way to shoot?


Wow these pictures are amazing. The amount of people must be insane. I started the novel yesterday and just have one chapter left. It is amazing and I'm anticipating the movie. I know you'll do an amazing job as Gogol. I support you! =)

P.S Thanks for keeping us updated with pictures as well. =)


Woah, you've gone a long way since FTHS! I remember when you were playing that freaky guy in L'il Abner in senior year. Glad you're having fun out there!


Where can I go to watch the crowds watching you? Are you still in Calcutta?


Kal, always appreciate your life. You have a lot of blessings; there are better Indian actors in LA in NY who will never get the opportunities that you have. Make the most of them. You are advancing your community in Hollywood and paving the way for others. Keep up the good work.


dude, how about some photos of YOU. That's what we're all here for.


lol what a busy day with busy people there. Argh why there is only 1 pic of urs!! we need more ^-^ btw, what have you done with ur hair!!!! lol

and btw, did u meet shahrukh or any other bollywood actors! Upload the pics if you did meet them!!



argh before i forget, KAL!! Why not you do some addition in the movie? For example : YOU SING SOME SONGS like how you did it with john in h&K!! hahahahahaha!!!

I bet everyone agree on that! go kal go kal! btw, have someone told you that u have a sexy voice? awww, hope I'm the one who said that (wait... I'm just hoping lol)!


Um, I don't know if you get a chance to read your comments, but I just wanted to say that if you haven't already, you should totally check out gracy's fansite (above). Especially the "Special for Kal" section. It is definitely something to see. Anyway, good luck with the rest of the filming!


What is Mira like?

I was watching Charlie Rose when she spoke of doing this film - there's something behind her eyes when she speaks - something that makes you think she's already taking the words of the book through a metamorphis...is she intriguing?

How is her direction given?


hey Kal interesting stuff..by the way Im an indian guy just like you from NJ..guess where haha


Hey Kal

I appreciate your choice of movies and making us proud.

June Pia

helo kalpen..
im from Philippines..
im currently taking up asian studies as my undergrad..maybe u can tour me in the agra to see the taj and hav OJT der?
nice and cool 'tude u gt there in your movies! kip up!funny lad!..
do u hav a frenster acct?hehe.


what is the song called at the beginning of the trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to know! i love it!


what a wonder- beautiful Movie - even if I lost 1 or 2 Tears.

Great music by Nitin Sawhney.

Thanks Uwe in Berlin/Germany been just back from the Preview



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